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This is why I do what I do

For over a decade people have asked, "Why do you act?" and for years I felt like any answer just didn't cut it. If I were an editor it would land on an editing room floor and the film would never be finished...until now. At a recent class, back at my favourite film school The Film Space in St Kilda, I had that ahaa moment. Now I have the answer, I AM AN ADRENALINE JUNKIE. While some may skydive, I scenedive. I dive right into that scene and it's the scariest scenes that deliver the most heart pumping, palm sweating, adrenaline forcing through your body...and usually you can't even remember what just happened.

So that's my answer...that and this undeniable pull that I must do this and my hope is to "help" and "give" in some way that I'm not even exactly sure of just yet.

Given this, my other favourite thing is to guide fellow actors down a rewarding path, to mentor if you will. This is the basis of this blog. I kept repeating the same thing to various new actors and thought I should write this down and have it available for everyone to refer to. It's rewarding and I've been blessed with the generosity of people in the bizz's knowledge. So I'm here to pay it forward. Kim Krejus, director of 16th Street and one of my idols, referred to us as 'servants'. Everything this woman says is usually followed by my internal dialouge repeating, "so true". Naturally an actor is a giver, we like to please and be praised and loved. More than that we love to share. To be an actor is to share stories, be empathetic and vulnarable. So stay tuned, I hope to help you achieve success and inspire in you your own determination and growth through the power of knowledge and guidance...

With much love, peace and kindness,

LJ xx

A shot taken in 2011 from The Film Space acting school in St Kilda. Photo courtesy of Aleksi Vellis.
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