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I’m not concerned with the way things are done, I’d like to be responsible for change. There are things that are beyond my control. Not being the right height, weight, age or look. I’d rather be concerned with making a difference. I’d rather be the one that walks into the room and blows them away because I’m not what they expected.

All my life I’ve run into people who said I wasn’t what they expected and it used to sadden me or frustrate me even anger me, now I have learnt to embrace it. I’m glad you're still trying to figure me out. I’m an absolute open book. I wear my heart on my sleeve. Yet I’ve shocked people because I’m not what they perceived me to be.

The thing is I am completely multifaceted. We all are. Stop limiting yourself to the way you should be whether it is in front of a camera or not. Stop allowing people, the industry and it’s standards mould you or tell you what you are or what you’re meant to be. Mould their standards. Be bold. Be proud to be you and I promise you people will be drawn to you and not even know why. You be the prediction of what is to come. Because you know what, even if it is in your control-maybe you could loose weight, get a bit of a nip - tuck and dye your hair, by the time you're done, someone who's worked on their craft, on themselves and inspired a room full of people is not that and then what? Will you exhaust yourself chasing another change of the preferred industry standard? And I’m sorry; I’m not 'standard' by any means.

Look at people that were responsible for a change Kate Moss booming at the peak of tall, curvaceous supermodels. Viola Davis knocking us out with her provocative and honest performance in “How To Get Away With Murder” - and it frightened her.

Watch the attached clip. I've been obsessed by Viola since I watched that scene. Literally had to pause the screen to catch my breath.

I’m not sure Johnny Depp would be as admired by so many today if he stayed content with just the pretty boy roles he started out with. He broke he’s own mould while it was working for him to prove his worth. What a champ!

I love this quote by Angelica Huston, “I've never been the kind of actress whose sole interest was sex appeal, so I think that earns you some longevity. And I like character parts. It's a lot more fun and you don't have to rely on being the taste of the moment. That level of fame is probably very difficult to deal with. People screaming your name in the streets, quite honestly, isn't an audience I'm desperate to capture. I'm lucky. The people who tell me they like my work tend to be the kind of people I might be friends with anyway. I have a really nice audience.”

I want to be that change, not have to chase it. That’s what I aspire to. The best version of me. The one that a meme is made out of. Because everything else is out of my control anyway and I’ve never wanted to be like anyone but me.

Who do I want to be when I grow up? ME! And I can’t wait to be surprised by her.

“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken” Oscar Wilde

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